Who the hell is Nick Gassman…?

You can see my Linkedin profile at Nick’s Linkedin profile

I’m a multi-disciplined digital manager with broad and deep experience of the development and operation of digital.

I’m currently Research Manager at Daydot, an agency that specialises in Digital Experience Optimisation (DXO).

Back in the day I wrote the business case for British Airways’ ba.com and led the project to implement it covering hosting, design, content, maintenance etc. It was a lot of fun and hard work.

I then

  • ran the outbound commercial email service
  • worked at the interface between IT and commercial
  • was a key player in digital transformation
  • set up and ran the UX, UI and Research team
  • managed the analytics unit
  • – and a few other things I’ve forgotten about by now.

I’ve seen lots of different organisation structures and development methods, and introduced UCD and Agile for UX into BA.

I’ve been a member of Forrester’s Customer Experience Council where I rubbed shoulders with customer-focused leaders from many organisations which was great learning. Put that together with my appetite for reading and listening to podcasts on tech, business, design etc then I’ve got great understanding and knowledge of business and management in the big wide world.

Academically I have a BA and an MSc in Psychology, as well as an MBA. I find the theory a useful underpinning to the practice.

I enjoy managing people. It’s really a way of helping people achieve things, just as UX is. And I get a kick out of working as a member of a great team. Not enough companies focus rewards on team – rather than individual – success.

I am married to my lovely but long suffering wife Helen, have a grown-up son, Patrick, and there’s Lexi the dog.

Here’s what I did when I was younger.

When I was sixteen, my dad, mum, younger brother and sister, and I, went to live on a boat in the Mediterranean. I did my A level studies by correspondence. This was pre-internet days, so when I posted off assignments, we had to ask for them to be sent c/o some port or marina we were planning to be at in some weeks time. Dad wrote the book, with some editing and tweaking from me. It gets good reviews.