Tech podcasts


Over time I’ve listened to many more tech podcasts than these. A lot of them have had a format where two or more mates get together to have a chat and a laugh, tell some stories, and mention some tech stuff in passing. I couldn’t be bothered with these. I’m not there for the people, or their jokes, or what they had for supper. The podcasts below give you solid content without wasting your time.

Daily Tech Headlines

This is a short daily podcast, sent out weekdays, that gives a bite-sized summary of the tech headlines, with a US bias. But miost tech shows have a US bias. There’s a longer version that goes into more depth that’s the Daily Tech Newsshow. The link takes you to a page where you can subscribe to either one.


This show from the BBC World Service has a global perspective, and covers a broad range of tech-related stories, many of which don’t get much prominence on other tech shows or sites.

Tech Tent

Another BBC World Service Production, covering the main tech news stories of the week, with comments from studio guests. I find it often takes a somewhat cynical view of new developments, so can provide something of an antidote to the gung-ho approach of some other sources.


From the BBC World Service. Covers what’s been happening in social media over the last week.

Tech’s MessageĀ 

Independent UK based podcast, hosted by a couple of tech journalists.

Flash Forward

This one’s a bit different. Each week, there’s a short dramatic episode looking at what the future might look like, followed by a discussion with an expert in the area.


This ‘podcast for a better future’ takes a purportedly optimistic view of where tech will take us in the future. It’s something of a mixed bag, and the host is the most waffly unclear interviewer I know. Even so, there are some interesting episodes. There’s an interview with a different person each episode.