Other podcasts

These are the ones that are harder to classify

99% Invisible

This podcasts is described as ‘…about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.’ Even if you look at all the subjects covered over time, it’s still hard to describe what it’s really about. You’ll just have to have a look.


Different subjects related to crime.

In Our Time

BBC. Each show takes a different topic, with a discussion hosted by Melvin Bragg and featuring three invited experts. Takes on a broad range of historical, cultural, scientific and social ideas.

More or Less: Behind the Stats

Brilliant BBC programme that takes a public issue, and looks at the reality of the stats behind it. It’s amazing how often they can take a number quoted by a politician, and demonstrate that there’s no basis in fact for it. They don’t just do politics though, and end up looking at topics that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought about in a statistical way. Essential listening for those who want to understand better the basis of statistical reasoning, and also for those who want to take a more critical view of what we’re told.

Philosophize This!

If you’ve always wanted to get your head around what philosophy is about but didn’t want to plough through some thick tomes this is a great way in. By definition, some of the philosophies are opaque, but the host does his best to make them accessible, and it’s engagingly presented.

Reply All

The shows usually are about a human interest story, usually connected in some way to the Internet. But not always. The best shows are gripping and engaging, and you really want to know how things turn out.


From NPR radio in the US, this is about the hidden psychological forces that drive our behaviour.

Travel Commons

The voice of the traveller – or, in this case, the voice of the frequent US business traveller. Mark Peacock has been flying within and outside the US for many years, and he recounts his experiences with engaging charm.