Books of fiction

This was one of those books that I’d heard about, and finally got round to reading. It’s a riot of drug-fuelled craziness. Really funny, of its time. Unlike anything else I’ve read. Doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else like it though, but if there is, I haven’t read it.

This made quite an impression on me. It’s the tale of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last wife. The characters are rounded and believable, and Katherine is strongly sympathetic. Historical fiction is another way of understanding other times if you don’t just want the history books.

Just about anything by Gaiman is worth reading. Even if he did the blurb on a cereal packet. This book is a tour-de-force of imagination and story telling. The Norse gods are in their twilight years in America. And it goes on from there.

Uncle is a very rich elephant who lives with his retinue in an enormous castle, the bounds of which no-one really seems to know, and which holds the promise of unlimited adventure and discovery. Just a shame about the lot from across the road at Badfort. As a child I loved these books. I got into science fiction very early, and this shares the quality of the best SF that the story is only limited by the author’s and the reader’s imaginations. A few years ago I couldn’t find a copy anywhere, and then I saw the Kickstarter that resulted in the books coming back into print. It still works for me as an adult.