Books about UX/UI Design

As the saying goes ‘packed full of useful stuff’.

Following on from the previous book.

This is a surprisingly engaging read, given the subject matter. A really good overview with some depth.


A beautiful book. Page after page of infographics. Mind bogglingly creative ways of visually communicating complex information.

The Pocket Universal Principles of Design

This is a re-packaged and revised version of The Universal Principles of Design. I like this format, as it’s easy to carry around, dip into, and wave at people as proof that your idea is right.

I love the idea of universal principles. I think some people may have the idea that designing an interface for the web is different in some magical dimension from designing for an app, or a corkscrew. What these all have in common is that we’re designing something for people  to use. And that means understanding the psychology of how people use things. Whilst the detail is different, the underlying principles aren’t. A good designer should be able to move from one modality to another, apply principles and process, and come up with a good product.

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Web forms are one of the basic components of interaction. Yet you see so many that are badly designed, they confuse the user, and lead to loss of revenue, or whatever the purpose of the form is. Luke Wroblewski is one of the leading lights of UX, and he’s published many other articles and blog posts on a range of topics. He always grounds his writing in research, unlike many, you know it’s not just a matter of his personal opinion.