Books about tech culture

We’ve all heard about the dark net, or the dark web, but we haven’t all experienced it. The author here peers into the nooks and crannies, and provides a fascinating insight into the people who go there.

High Stakes, No Prisoners

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The early days of the internet, software development, VCs, survival. Ultimately Front Page was developed as a Microsoft product. It was a much-villified user-friendly way of writing web pages. Included is the story of how Steve Jobs ripped off the staff at Industrial Light and Magic when he took it over.

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This is actually a story from the 80s, but it has just as much relevance today, maybe more so in terms of people understanding the principles of what’s going on. It’s a detective story of tracing a spy through the forensic examination of computers and networks. An easy read.

Many people have heard of Sir Tim Berners Lee, and how he invented the Web at CERN. For some, the web and the internet are the same thing – but they aren’t. I once explained to a technical architect that the Internet is a physical layer, tcp/ip is a transport layer, and http is an application layer. At least, I think that’s right. And the internet these days isn’t always physical, but the principle still holds. This book is about how it all started at the end of the 60s.

The Victorian Internet

The Internet, the impact it has, and everything to do with it is new and unique. Not so. This well written book about the telegraph system explains why.

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