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Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires

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I’ve locked horns several times over the years with survey designers who should know better. It’s not always obvious how to structure a questionnaire or survey so that you get good quality information back. Whilst this book isn’t going to be a gripping read, it is very good in stepping you through the issues, giving plenty of examples of poor and improved survey design.

I have to point out that this book hasn’t had rave reviews on Amazon – but particularly if you’re new to the field, then founding out that you can learn a lot with paper and pen is useful. You’ll also learn more general lessons about conducting research.

Getting into the mindsets of your users.

Card sorting is a fundamental technique for understanding how to organise content in a way that is meaningful to users.

There are a range of research methods available to the UX designer. I believe you get the best results from a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The starting point is knowing what methods are available. This book focuses on things you can measure – even indirectly, such as through questionnaires. Put it together with things that are harder to measure, that are more qualitative and experiential.