Nick Gassman’s travel

A story from 2011

In 2011 I was travelling to Boston for work. We were doing some user testing of web designs there. The journey out was bit of a nightmare.

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Business travel to Cambridge in the US, 2012

Home of Harvard, and MIT.

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Jamaica 2013

My wife Helen and I had a ten day holiday in Jamaica. It was a great break, but I’d cocked up on my understanding of size and location. I hadn’t realised how big Jamaica is in relation to Antigua and Barbados, where we’d been to before, and booked a hotel on the north coast, while British Airways fly to the south coast. The result was what seemed literally a roller coaster ride on arrival in Jamaica. What followed was a tale of failing wifi and happy times.

We flew in business class on my British Airways travel concessions. A nice perk.

Day one

We survive the journey to the hotel, and end the day with furry noises in the ceiling.

Day two

Our new room is lovely, and the internet connection saga begins.

Day three

The quest for the waterproof mp3 player results in some improvisation.

Day four

The internet goes down, and eggs nearly lead to divorce.

Day five

More no internet, sick father, sick wife.

Day six

Some reflections, and the internet goes down.

Day seven

More quiz, and trying to ensure a survivable trip to the airport.

Day eight

Escaping the noise, and the internet goes down.

Day nine

A dance quiz, and we meet the wifi engineer.

Day ten

Last eats, drinks, we survive the journey home.